logoWelcome to FMA in Wales, teaching Modern Arnis, a Filipino Martial Art (also called Kali, Eskrima & Arnis) in Cardiff, South Wales since 2012.

We are a Filipino Martial Arts and Self Defence Club based in Cardiff and are part of the Filipino Arnis de Mano Poland Organisation (FADMP). Our instructor Krzysztof Herman (3rd Dan Black DMP and Vice-President for FADMP) moved to the UK and set up FMA in Wales in 2012.

All classes are for adults only. Your first week training is Free!


Wednesday: All levels, 9.30-11pm, Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, CF11 9SW

Thursday: Beginner Level, 7.30-9pm, Warhouse gym, 63-65 City Road, Cardiff


Our aim is to promote the Filipino Martial Arts in Cardiff and South Wales whilst learning an effective self defence skill suitable for all. Men and Women of any size or fitness ability will learn how to effectively defend themselves using what they have available to them. This is based on using your body mechanics to generate power and speed whilst targeting vital points against your aggressor to defend yourself, you do not have to be fitter or stronger than the attacker for the system to work. The art teaches practitioners to be able to defend themselves against attackers with or without weapons. More information of Filipino Martial Arts can be found here.

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the blade program...

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Some stick fighting documentary ...

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FMA in Wales shared Reality Entertainment's BuyBust Anne Curtis. ...

After weeks of hard work and grueling training, we're proud to share with you Anne Curtis as you've never seen her before! #BuyBust #ComingSoon #NoDoubles

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FMA in Wales shared Filipińskie sztuki walki's FMA Summer Camp in Poland 2016. ...

14th FMA Summer Camp in Poland

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Hello good people! Chris Williams here.

Only good news for this post:

First and foremost, all your beloved instructors are back from training in Poland and classes will be back to normal - Wednesday at 21.30 in Sophia Gardens Sport Wales National Centre, Thursday in the Warhouse Aka floor two of Passion on City Road.

Second: Myself and "Big" Phil Williams are officially Green belts and Oliver Bullock is formally Yellow.

Third: We're crunching through the footage and there should be a lot of clips of me getting beat up as Master Michael's training dummy for your amusement soon.

So to Adam Duchnik, Master Micheal Kossivakis, Richard Cottrell and our Polish friends - Thank you!

To our UK students, we're back to business as usual and hope to see you this week!

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